Airplantframe – wood frame addition


Reclaimed Wood Outer Frame

Add an accent to your powder-coated aluminum AirplantFrame with a reclaimed wood outer frame for a beautiful statement inside or out. The wood frame addition fits perfectly around our lightweight AirplantFrame Square. While the Wood Frame remains on the wall, the lightweight aluminum inner frame can easily slide in and out for regular watering and care of your airplants.

Perfect Imperfections Handmade in California

  • Reclaimed wood and hand finishing celebrates the natural quality of wood, their imperfections are what we think makes them special
  • Handmade in California
  • Supports sustainably grown airplants

Charitable Contribution

A portion of the proceeds from this sale is donated to airplant eco-system protection with the Nature Conservancy.

Airplant Care

Your purchase includes a Care Instruction Card with easy tips and FAQ's to keep your airplants alive and thriving. 

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AirplantFrame – Wood Frame Addition