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INSPIRED BY AIRPLANTS— Landscape architect Josh Rosen is a leading designer of living tillandsia green walls and vertical gardens and the originator of the AirplantFrame and AirplantVessel. Airplantman celebrates these ethereal plant wonders through innovative large-scale custom installations as well as sustainable products designed to keep airplants thriving in homes, offices, patios, and gardens.
Truly nature elevated.

Materials and Colors for Every Style

Custom Installations Designed by Landscape Architect Josh Rosen

Airplantman's custom design/build air plant green walls are featured in luxury hotels, fine restaurants, commercial spaces and private residences. Purpose-built to thrive, these living works of art are high impact and low maintenance featuring integrated irrigation, grow light systems and optional mobility.  


JOSHUA ROSEN is a licensed landscape architect practicing in Los Angeles for over 15 years. Joshua holds a master's degree in landscape architecture from the University of Arizona and undergraduate majors from Northwestern in philosophy and organizational change. He combines these perspectives to design environments that have artistic, sustainable, and social integrity. A lifelong passion for Tillandsia (air plants) lead Joshua to found Airplantman in 2012, a company focused exclusively on custom installations and California-made products designed specifically for Tillandsia. Airplantman installations can be seen throughout Southern California and the world and has been featured in numerous publications. 


We're the experts so we designed the 

absolute best way to display air plants.

"Airplantman's not-so-secret weapon: an original product line

that makes tending to tillandsia virtually foolproof."


  • We make it easy to water. Underwatering is the

    #1 cause of air plant death. :( Air plants need soaked in water or sprayed until dripping regularly!

  • Our rust-proof and submergable displays simplify

    watering. We figure if it's easy, you'll actually do it! For

    step by step air plant care tutorials, head over to our


  • Air plants need airflow, sunlight, and ability to become drenched and then completely dry after watering. Make sure your air plants have adequate airflow and light!

  • Our designs suspend air plants fully in air - no

    sad plants in plastic or glass without access to light or fresh air. Not to mention, the plants' unique leaf shapes keep them securely in place - no glue!

airplant frame large airplantman

Air Plant Frame Large

24 by 18 inches

Choose from given colors

rectangle airplant frame airplantman

Air Plant Frame Rectangle

11 by 18 inches

Choose from given colors

airplant holder vessel airplantman

Air Plant Vessels

Choose from 4 sizes

Steel, Ceramic or Wood