Meet Airplantman

Airplants (tillandsia) are living sculptures, with a personality all their own. They thrive suspended in air, unconstrained by the limits of soil. This incredible ability, combined with their otherworldly form, inspired Josh Rosen to create products as unique as the plants themselves.
"I've fallen in love with these absolutely incredible species of plant that have the unique adaptation to live without any soil. They can grow suspended in air, on treetops or rock faces and absorb water and nutrients right through their leaves."
— Josh Rosen
As a landscape architect, artist, and horticulturalist, Airplantman was up to the challenge to create the best way to showcase his airplants. Built with an eye for fine design, craftsmanship, sustainability, and a genuine obsession for all things airplant, the Airplantman Designs product line was developed.
"The first time I saw these creatures I thought they were from another planet. I love, in particular, when you can arrange a couple together. Side by side they showcase this alien family-like feeling--like you've discovered something that has just come down and started inhabiting our environment without us knowing."
— Josh Rosen
Designed so everyone can create their own living artwork, Airplantman’s quality California-made designs showcase tillandsia’s airborne nature—truly nature elevated.
"'AIRPLANTMAN' is really all things airplant. It's focusing on this completely unique species and connecting them with people and just really losing yourself in nature's incredible ability to innovate."
— Josh Rosen

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