Custom installation maintenance

Airplants require regular watering. Depending on theinstallation, this can be accomplished by a soakingschedule, automated misters or drip irrigation.

Airplants thrive with bright filtered light. Installations inshade or indoors can be supllemented with grow lightadd-ons for happy plants!

Airplants are slow growing, so less pruning andupkeep is required than typical green walls.

Airplants can live indoors or out (temperatures rangingbetween 50 and 85 degrees) and enjoy air circulation.

We work with custom design clients to find andestablish the care regimen that works! Proper light andwater means installations live indefinitely. For clientsin the Los Angeles area, we are available for ongoingmaintenance services!

Request a free consultation to get your questions answered aboutcaring for a custom airplant greenwall installation! We’re here for you.