Airplantman Studios designs and installs custom airplant installations in various forms in your living or work space, including custom AirplantFrames, residential green walls and other airplant displays. Our soil-free installations can be found across the country and often employ custom solutions for built in irrigation and grow lights to keep care and maintenance simple. From coffee shops to in-home installations, airplants make any interior design look better! Visit our blog to view all of our custom installation projects for homes and commercial spaces

Brentwood home showcases custom AirplantFrame installation brimming with more than 1000 airplants

Brentwood Home Entryway

Airplantman brings the entry alcove to life in this Brentwood home with a bespoke 6' by 5' AirplantFrame green wall. The living tapestry includes 10 different species of Tillandsia in various shapes, sizes and colors, hand-selected and arranged by Airplantman. The soilless installation is silhouetted in front of a corten steel backdrop highlighting tillandsia's airborne nature. A built in irrigation and grow light system keep the plants in perfect health with virtually no maintenance required of the homeowners.

The London, West Hollywood features a stunning new rooftop display of mobile living screenwalls designed by Airplantman 

Airplantman with Custom Installation at The London West Hollywood

Airplantman's custom design for The London hotel combines the lightness and transparency of the AirplantFrame with the efficiency of built-in recirculating irrigation and effortless mobility. Screens can be oriented throughout the rooftop to create perfect backdrops or dividers for any occasion. An added bonus: the integrated watering system drips through the thousands of Tillandsia providing the sights and sounds of a lush green water feature! The London's versatile new screens are complimented by table-top AirplantVessels and AirplantFrames throughout the dining area. 

Visit our blog to view all of our custom installation projects for homes and commercial spaces >