Airplantvessel – giant wood planter


Versatile Airplant Planter

Inspired by our tabletop AirplantVessel, our Giant Wood Planter is supersized to make a statement in any room. Or line them by your pool or garden for a unique outdoor space. Once displayed, they become a living sculpture in your home or outdoor space.

Handmade in California

  • Reclaimed wood and hand finishing celebrates the natural quality of wood, their imperfections are what we think makes them special
  • Handmade in California
  • Supports sustainably grown airplants

Airplant Care

Your purchase includes a Care Instruction Card with easy tips and FAQ's to keep your airplants alive and thriving. 

Dimensions: 8.75” SQ X 30” HT

Charitable Contribution

A portion of the proceeds from this sale is donated to airplant eco-system protection with the Nature Conservancy.

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